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Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting

When shopping for a web hosting provider, one of the first decisions you will need to make is whether you want to utilize shared hosting or dedicated hosting. To share a host simply means to trust your web hosted assets to a server shared with other users. Dedicated hosting, or having “your own box,” means that no other person’s assets are on the same machine as yours. Your server apparatus exists solely for your own benefit. You exhibit root control over every spec of space on your own server. This article will review the pros and cons of both shared hosting and dedicated hosting to help you decide which approach is more appropriate for your purpose. You may also visit to get more information about shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

A Dedicated Server Takes a Dedicated Owner

Securing a dedicated host server gives you many important advantages. Most notably, you will have much more hard drive space for storage and much less competition for web traffic on your server. If you are on a “shared box” with a more prolific website, that traffic can overcrowd and choke the performance on your website (even if you have a low amount of visitors). Of course, if this situation happens than most web hosting providers will usually accommodate you in this issue by moving your intellectual assets. Another advantage to having a dedicated box is higher security. Your data will be less vulnerable to criminal mischief which can result from other users hacking into unsecure portals on the host server of multiple websites and retrieving confidential files. In contrast, a major drawback to having your own dedicated host server is that you have to procure the proper means (financially) to maintain a larger, resource draining operation. To get your money’s worth from a dedicated server, you should be prepared to host multiple websites, email addresses, and/or a multitude of software servers such as games, internet videos and voice communication. Having the responsibility for and the dominion over everything on your dedicated box can be a double-edged sword of time and trouble. A good gauge to ensure that you are ready to run a dedicated server is whether you have another staff member willing to dedicate their time to your project, whatever it may be. If you can afford a dedicated box right off the bat, then you will enjoy unbridled space to expand your intellectual property. If you have a small website on a shared host server that suddenly goes viral in popularity, be prepared to waste profit through downtime while the host transferrs your data to a larger dedicated box.

Sharing is Caring

Shared hosting has one large benefit over dedicated: it’s simply more economical. You are splitting the bill for the host machine with other people. Consequently, you are also sharing risk should a server crash arise. Shared boxes might be monitored more often by host providers since there are more customers requesting service. On the flip side, being on a shared host also means placing trust in strangers. If your partners behind the veil decide to run a spamming scheme, then you might find the IP address that you all share being banned from websites such as search engines, forums, or wikis. Spamming includes the mass sending of a uniformed, unsolicited message via any method of web conversation such as email, forum threads, wiki articles, messengers, etc. Conversely, you may also find yourself penalized if you use too much bandwidth. The sheer amount of usage by multiple clients means that there will likely be more crashes and downtime compared to a dedicated server. Because of these security and service risks, you may have to go through the host provider to have certain apps and scripts installed, where on a dedicated box you are able to install programs or uninstall programs at your judgment. One thing you might ask the provider about is a VPS, or virtual private server. A VPS partitions a part of the shared hard drive into its own virtually separated CPU. This added feature might cost more money, but it helps mitigate many of the aforementioned problems with shared hosting. If you run a database full of confidential items, and a dedicated hosting plan is out of your price range, then consider setting up a VPS as a requirement. It is highly recommended though that you handle and store sensitive material on a dedicated box.

So, what to do?

Deciding what type of hosting package suits you boils down to a simple equation: Is your need for your own box great enough to warrant the extra cost? The answer will likely be “yes” if you are using the server for multiple sites. If you are just starting out and have a small website hosted, it may behoove you to wait on the dedicated hosting server until more prosperous days. Contrastingly, if you are dedicating a website to a video of a chipmunk using a vine to bungee jump, or anything else that is sure to go viral, then you may want to gamble with the dedicated box. The choice is ultimately yours. You may also find more business hosting at this site.

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